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Apollo Visits Woodworking Clubs

May 24, 2016 | Expert's Corner | 0 comments

Bill Boxer, Sr. VP and COO of Apollo Sprayers, Int. is in demand as a speaker, and he likes to comply as often as his schedule allows. His expertise, of course, is HVLP sprayers and both waterbased and waterborne coatings.

On September 14, 2009 Bill attended the Evergreen Woodworking Guild, Seattle, WA monthly meeting. The topic for the evening was what’s new in modern finishing technology, HVLP and Waterbase Coatings? Then on September 17, 2009 Bill joined the North County Woodworkers, Escondido, CA, for their monthly meeting.

In Seattle Bill stressed the importance of selecting a turbine powerful enough to atomize the range of coatings the finisher might use. When selecting a coating it was noted how important it is to select a coating made specifically for your application. So if the finisher is brushing, choose a brushable product. If the finisher is using HVLP make sure the coating is formulated for HVLP.

In Escondido the discussion included information on the process of finishing. There is a relationship between air pressure and viscosity, and how equipment and coatings relate to create the perfect finish. Bill encourages all finishers to take the time to try a few brands of coatings. Make samples and then make decisions.

Bill was delighted to receive appreciation gifts from both groups. The woodworkers in Seattle gave him a beautiful plaque. And now Bill proudly has a gorgeous turned pen and case from Escondido. He also received kind words from Gordon Patnude, chair of the Evergreen Guild.

I was most impressed with your presentation on Monday evening at the September meeting of The Evergreen Woodworkers’ Guild. Your presentation was highly informative, entertaining, educational and done with a comfortable and sometimes humorous ease.  Indeed, if I may say so, it was probably the best single presentation our members have seen in the 10 years of our existence.

If your club or guild is interested in a talk, please contact Bill at [email protected]