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18 – Cabinet Door Paint Drying Rack


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The Door Rack Painter upgraded and improved 18-Door Dry Rack is the perfect solution for storing and drying your painted cabinet doors. With the ability to store 18 doors painted on both sides horizontally, this freestanding cabinet door dry rack is ideal for use on job sites, from residential remodeling to commercial cabinet shops.

The 18-door dry rack has been a trusted product since 2008, but in 2022 they made some improvements to make it even better. Additions include making it 6 inches higher to give a little more space between each aluminum rod, making it even more efficient for drying your doors.

This 18-door dry rack is easy to transport from one job site to another and is also easy to assemble. It also comes with pre-drilled screw holes to attach the wood rod add-ons, making it a 17-level cabinet painting system that can store 34 to 50 doors painted on one side. The wood rods come 36 inches or 48 inches long, but please note that wood rod add-ons are not included, except if it says so in a specific combo.

18-door dry rack works in conjunction with any of the Door Rack Painter spray racks, making a complete cabinet door painting system. With a glossy enamel finish, we recommend spraying the primer on both sides and letting it dry, then applying the first finish coat on both sides and letting that dry. Then apply the final finish coat separately on each side of the door and let the coats dry in between applications. The wood rod add-ons come in perfectly to help with this process.