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30 – Cabinet Door Paint Drying Rack


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Introducing the brand-new freestanding 30-door dry rack - the ultimate storage solution for cabinet doors! Our cabinet door dry rack can store up to 30 cabinet doors painted on both sides horizontally, making it easy to transport and assemble. The dry rack works in conjunction with the spray racks, creating a complete cabinet door painting system. Each rack comes with pre-drilled screw holes to attach wood rod add-ons, allowing for a one-side cabinet painting system that can store 40 to 60 doors painted on one side. The glossy enamel finish makes the dry rack durable and easy to clean. The wood rod add-ons, which are not included, work perfectly with the aluminum dry racks system. Some combos even come with pictures of the rack attached to a sawhorse (not included). With its lightweight design, you can assemble and transport it easily.

Improve your painting process and storage capabilities with our 30-door dry rack today!