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Apollo and the UV Sunless Tanning Industry

May 24, 2016 | Expert's Corner | 0 comments

Everyone at Apollo Sprayers is interested in finding new uses for our sprayers. We know it sprays chocolate on cakes in a specialty cakes bakery. The bathtub resurfacing industry uses our sprayers. So do contemporary artists making huge abstract paintings.

Then a few years ago we were discovered by a whole, remarkable new industry, the UV Sunless spray tanning industry. Apollo’s ability to spray precisely and gently makes it the perfect tool for applying tanning solution on bare skin. A solution is softly sprayed on a client’s body and face. When the solution comes in contact with client’s skin, the client’s body produces a tan. Glance at a fashion or celebrity magazine and you will see that tan is the way to go.

After meeting with people in the industry and assessing their needs, the Apollo Sprayers engineers developed three machines that do the job. The machines are different than our industrial machines because the tanning solution is very thin and it doesn’t take much pressure to atomize. The machines are lightweight and portable. We can customize them to suit the salon or spa.

So if you come upon a bright pink sprayer in a salon or spa, chances are it’s an Apollo.