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TIP: Lacquer Over Glaze

Jul 7, 2016 | Expert's Corner | 0 comments

As long as you are using a spray gun for application and lacquer for your finish, you don’t have to let an oil-based glaze dry overnight before applying the finish. You can do it fairly quickly, without problems.

The trick is to mist some thinned lacquer onto the glaze after the thinner in the glaze has evaporated (the glaze dulls) but before the oil or varnish binder begins oxidizing and becomes tacky. Unless the glaze is thick, in which case this trick might not work, the lacquer incorporates the uncured glaze and bonds to the coat underneath.

After the mist coat has dried, which is within 10 minutes or so, continue with your finish coats.

This same trick should also work with oil-based stains that have been wiped off. Give the thinner enough time to evaporate (or the lacquer may come out of solution and turn white), then mist on the thinned lacquer and let it dry. It would be a good idea to experiment on scrap wood first to be sure you have the timing right.