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Tip 2: Never Spray Outside. Ever.

Jul 6, 2016 | Expert's Corner | 0 comments

Another concept we drill in finish training is controlling the environment in which spraying occurs. It always amazes me how many finishers tell me that they prefer to spray outside, because it is just easier than creating clean, controlled conditions in the workshop.

While this may seem convenient to you as the technician, it is not at all appreciated by your spray gun, or the product being sprayed.

Aside from the obvious risks of contaminants and unpredictable lay down of product, the primary problem with outdoor spraying is the unpredictability of wind. The slightest random breeze outdoors will wreak havoc on the transfer efficiency of your gun. In other words, you are shooting at your target, and wind is passing through the surface area, moving and diffusing your sprayed fan.

Remember, HVLP spraying is low pressure. The sprayed fan is very fine, which is the benefit of HVLP spraying to begin with. Because of product loss in the air, outdoor spraying often requires 4-5 coats to achieve the level of finish that can easily be laid down in 2-3 coats in the controlled environment of the workshop.
The wasted product is a big deal, because fine finishing products are often pricy. Why spend twice as much on materials? Further, the time that it takes to create additional finishes due to loss of transfer efficiency puts projects behind schedule. Whether you are a hobbyist or a pro finisher, time is just too precious to waste.

So, with spring coming, rather than embracing the nice weather for outdoor spraying, open up the windows in the workshop and give it a good spring clean and organize. Set up a dedicated spray area that you can control, both in terms of cleanliness and air flow (a simple exhaust fan out a window). The best way to exhaust is to be drawing air away from the finish area, not randomly into it or through it.
These two simple adjustments – straining habits and controlled environment – will make a profound difference in your finished results, while saving you time and money. It’s all about quality and efficiency.
Happy spring and happy spraying!