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HVLP for the Win! The Bulkhead

Jul 6, 2016 | Expert's Corner | 0 comments

You know, that wooden or big steel monstrosity with the rusty, peeling Bilco doors that swing up and open to your basement. As a residential painter, I usually find the bulkhead to be one of the ugliest items around the outside of my customer’s homes.

So if you have one, here is how you can turn that big frown upside down. Here’s how I handle the steel monstrosity. The first key is to properly clean the bulkhead with a stiff brush. Maybe give it a good scrub down with damp rags. A quick scuff sand at 220 grit, and then remove all dust. Already, this is a great excuse to break out some power tools to accelerate the process.

This is where it starts getting good. If you have a 5 stage HVLP, there are some great new product technologies that are entirely sprayable through your unit. Waterborne Direct to Metal (DTM) paints are a life save. They are rust inhibitive and require no primer. Check your local Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore dealer and pick up a gallon. It is a pretty quick dial in with your gun, and easy clean up. Just be sure to properly mask (exterior blue tape and plastic) where the bulkhead attaches to the house.

In the old days, we used to do these with brush and roller. HVLP has been a game changer, turning ten hours of frustration into about 3 hours of excitement with a much better result.