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Soy Gel Spray Stripper – 2.5 Gal.


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  • Fast, safe, (non-toxic - non caustic - biodegradable - very low odor - may be used indoors) paint remover
  • Removes lead-based paints easily
  • Fast and effectiveclip-image002-0003.jpg
  • Removes multiple layers of paint
  • Works quickly (for some paints, as fast as 3 min. to remove 3 layers!)
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Lets you complete projects faster (saves $$$!)
  • Made from food-grade soy oil and N-Methyl-2-Pyrolidone
  • Contains NO methylene chloride
  • Safe, nontoxic, noncaustic, biodegradable
  • Safe for indoor use, non-evaporative- no odor!
  • Great for lead-based paint abatement!
  • Can be used in schools, hospitals, businesses without disrupting activities
  • Developed for lead-based paints; effective for other paints, too
  • MSDS available

Now Available in Exclusive HVLP Spray Formula!

Soy Spray Stripper is thin and specially formulated to spray through any HVLP turbine system - 3-stage or greater - or high pressure or HVLP compressed air spray gun. Soy Spray is just as effective as its cousin, Soy-Gel, only you can use your HVLP system to spray it on thus saving a lot of application time. Soy Spray is available in 1-gallon and 2.5-gallon containers. We can ship Soy Spray anywhere UPS goes! Order yours today.

Soy Gel Stripper is a thicker traditional paint or wipe-on stripper.


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