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Kleen-Again Brush & Spray Gun Cleaner


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Kleen-Again easily and safely removes wet or hardened oil and latex paints, stains, urethanes, varnishes and enamels from brushes and spray guns. Made from soybeans, Kleen-Again is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and cleans without odors associated with traditional brush and gun cleaners.


Brush Cleaning

Pour Kleen-Again into a container deep enough to allow paint brush to soak. Let paint brush soak for no longer than 1 hour. Remove brush when ready and clean thoroughly with water. A wire paint brush cleaner may be required for hard to clean brushes. For brushes that have dried paint in the bristles, longer soaking times may be required. Caution soaking synthetic bristles as some bristles may swell.

Spray Gun Cleaning

Pour Kleen-Again into a clean paint spray cup or container and spray through the sprayer until clean. Do not leave Kleen-Again in the spray gun lines.

For additional heavy duty cleaning, remove parts from spray gun and soak. Rinse and clean parts with a cleaning brush. Caution: O rings and rubber gaskets can swell from Kleen-Again.

Note: Before applying your next finish, ensure you spray coating through the spray gun until coating is not mixing with Kleen-Again.

Re-use Kleen-Again solution by filtering out debris.

Product Includes: 1 Quart


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