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Aqua Coat Waterbased Gel Stains


Brand:Aqua Coat

Aqua Coat Waterbased Gel Stains


Aqua Coat Gel Stains are formulated for indoor use and are well suited to smaller projects such as turnings and scroll saw work. They can be used on MDF, Particle Board and even synthetic wood furniture for touch up. Gel Stain Clear can be used as the topcoat. It is safe to use on children's toys and furniture. recommends sanding with Micro-Mesh to create a smooth as glass finish. Gel Stain is available in 8 Wood Tone colors, plus Gel Stain Clear. The finisher can color the Clear Gel Stain with any Acrylic Paints formulated for crafts and hobbies.

Aqua Coat Gel Stains features:

  • Designed specifically for smaller projects
  • Very Fast Dry, may be sanded and recoated in 15 to 30 Minutes
  • Use the "Natural" colored Gel for Shellac or Oil finish "Look"
  • Can be applied over any existing finish or stain
  • Ideal for Wood Turnings and any Lathe Work
  • Great way to color and finish Scroll Saw projects
  • Can be use as a Touch-Up product for Hardwood floors and Kitchen Cabinets
  • Use to permanently hide and remove scratches from furniture and any wood
  • Use as a "Glaze" for professional furniture refinishing
  • Multiple coats of the Gel Stain Clear are recommended for maximum protection on Cabinets, Doors, Toys, Hardwood Floors and any "heavy use items
  • Colored Gels may be Stirred together to achieve desire custom colors Clear Gel can be colored with Acrylic Paints for crafts and hobbies
  • We recommend that you use Gel Stain Clear over any of the colored Gels, to lock-in colors, particularly if the items will receive any exposure to water, or heavy use or handling
  • Water based topcoat can used for additional protection.
  • Gels can be applied with clean, lint-free cloth or rags
  • Apply to small areas at a time to prevent over-lap or streaking. May be thinned "SLIGHTLY" with water if desired and then applied with brush
  • It is good practice to do a small sample board or less visible area to evaluate final results

Stain Colors Available:(clear is not shown) Download a PDF of the Stain Colors


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