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Newsletter #111

We Respond to Our Customer’s Needs, Here in the USA and in China!

These are exciting times at! If you use Turbinaire equipment, or know someone who does, you may be aware that it is increasingly difficult to get replacement guns and parts. Since a number of Apollo Spray Guns, hoses and accessories are Turbinaire-compatible, we’re making it easy for you to keep your Turbinaire system going. Plus, we’re making a terrific offer that will let you trade in your Turbinaire system and trade up to Apollo! It is really an unbeatable deal outlined below.

I am writing this as I am traveling home from a visit to Beijing where we displayed our Apollo Sprayers at a Trade Show. To my immense surprise, satisfaction and pride, we were named Second of the “Top 20 Most Innovative and Imported Tools” in that marketplace. I accepted the award on behalf of everyone at Apollo Sprayers.

We are proud to be part of America’s important program of increasing our exports to China. In an article in China Today on March 28, Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke is quoted as saying, “China is our largest source of imports and the largest export market for American goods outside of North America…We believe increasing our exports to China – not limiting our imports from China – is the best way to address the trade deficit…To accomplish this goal, we are actively promoting the export of American goods and services…The US can export more high-tech products for civilian use such as environmental protection and green energy products, which China is in dire need of. An increase in the exports of such products will help create job opportunities in the US.” and Apollo Sprayers are all about supporting our customers and meeting their needs – no matter where they live!

Bill Boxer
Sr. Vice President and COO
Apollo Sprayers International, Inc.
[email protected]


If You’re a Turbinaire Owner, Can Help You is proud to assist Turbinaire customers who are having trouble finding replacements and supplies.  Here’s the good news: TrueHVLP™ spray guns, hoses and other selected accessories, built to meet Apollo’s exacting standards, also fit Turbinaire systems.

Solution # 1: Order from a Range of Turbinaire-Compatible Products

This will enable you to prolong the useful life of your Turbinaire turbine. All Apollo Spray Guns are suitable for either Turbinaire or Apollo Sprayers and feature excellent design, quality engineering, and are intended for hard work and long life.
     Click here and take your pick from any Apollo Spray Gun.
     Click here for Turbinaire Compatible Parts and Accessories.

Solution # 2: Trade In Your Turbinaire and Trade Up to a New Apollo System

Send in Your Turbinaire Turbine, Gun and Hose and Save $400 on a New Apollo Turbine System!
The Turbinaire turbine, gun and hose, doesn’t have to be working, but all three must be in the package you send, to qualify. The Turbinaire Turbine can be a 2 stage, a 3 stage, it doesn’t matter, just send it with the gun and hose and you’ll be eligible. Here’s what you’ll save:
     835  –  with 7500 QT Spray Gun –  $1099.00 take off $400, you pay $699
     1035 – with 7500 QT Spray Gun – $1299, take off $400, you pay$899
     1050VR – with 7500 QT Spray Gun – $1599, take off $400, you pay $1199

How To Get Your $400 Discount: Click Here for Details

Preparation and Application – A Good Finish Requires Both. –  article by George Cash

“If you plan to use a stain, do a small color test on the bottom of a chair, inside of a drawer or bottom of table top…allow the stain to dry for an hour, if it is a water based, or overnight if it is oil-based. Then apply a little of the topcoat… to make sure it has the proper sheen.”

Preparation is a huge part of finishing. Failing to prepare the wood will surely lead to a bad finish no matter how good your equipment or coating. So let’s talk first about sanding. You must start with a completely dry piece of wood. If you have stripped it, let it dry, preferably overnight. Then give the wood a light sanding. We suggest 180-grit sandpaper, or any grit up to a 220 will work just fine. Anything finer will affect the ability of the stain to penetrate into the wood, especially on closed-grain woods such as maple, cherry, etc. Even if you don’t plan on using a stain, you want a little texture on the surface to promote the adhesion of your sealer or finish coats. MORE

Product of the month: Erecta-Rack, A Versatile, Portable Rack System

Erecta-Rack, a portable, sturdy, easy to assemble rack system is versatile in so many ways. You can use it to store wood, dry wood out, or allow finish to dry. In addition, because it is modular, you can build it to suit your project. Do you need just a few levels, or enough for a truckload of wood? Do you need it close to where you are finishing, so you can lay the piece down easily, or are you storing wood elsewhere in your shop? You make the Erecta-Rack exactly as you need it, and when that application is complete it is so easy to change it for the next application.

Sturdy is the vital word here. Have you ever bumped into or kicked out the base of your storage/ drying rack? When newly coated wood comes crashing down, it is maddening. This can’t happen with Erecta-Rack. Look at the photos  and you will see that there is nothing to kick out and all of the easy to assemble pieces lock into place.

Another great advantage is that the Erecta-Rack breaks down and fits into its’ own convenient carry bag. You can store it or take it to the job. On the job it assembles and breaks down so easily. Finally, if you consider the time and money it takes to build your own rack system, you will see that you can’t go wrong with Erecta-Rack.


Finishing Tip by Bob Flexner: Crackle Lacquer

Crackle lacquer is a manufactured lacquer product with so much solid material, usually silica, added that there isn’t enough binder (lacquer) remaining to glue all the solid particles together. This results in the lacquer cracking when it dries and shrinks.

The usual way of applying a crackle-lacquer finish is to first apply a colored background, usually a pigmented lacquer coat. Then spray a coat of colored crackle lacquer, which cracks revealing the color underneath. MORE

Finishing Tip by Bob Flexner: Cherry Blotching

One of the most often asked questions among woodworkers concerns methods of avoiding blotching in cherry. The questions are encouraged by countless articles in magazines purporting to reveal the “secret” method. Inevitably, these articles are disappointing because there is no way to keep cherry from blotching except to conceal the problem by adding color to the finish—in effect, making a thin paint. This is what most furniture manufacturers do when finishing cherry, with the result that the wood is muddied and doesn’t look much like cherry.  MORE