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Newsletter #101

What Makes TheFinishingStore.Com Special? came into being on a firm foundation, building on the 44 years of finishing expertise amassed by Apollo Sprayers, Inc. Through constant contact with owners of our equipment, we realized there was a pressing need among serious woodworkers for a “virtual” store that focused exclusively on new and specialized products related to finishing. So we began TheFinishingStore.Com, a new division of Apollo Sprayers, Inc., online 24/7 and at the twenty or more Woodworking Shows where we exhibit throughout the USA. features selected products that have special merit, or uniqueness, for finishers. We comb the marketplace for excellent products, so you don’t have to. We are not a supermarket with thousands of products, we are a specialty store with a consistent focus: exceptional quality, great ideas, and a low carbon footprint. We will keep adding new products, many of which are developed exclusively for Our newsletter, and our website, will keep you up to date and bring you valuable tips, tricks and articles to assist you and bring you new ideas.

If there is a new product you’d like to see in, please let me know so we can consider it for the site. It is in the spirit of sharing that we can make outstanding products available to everyone and make finishing an easy and enjoyable experience.

Bill Boxer
Sr. Vice President and COO
Apollo Sprayers International, Inc.
[email protected]

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
~Albert Einstein

Enhancing Nature

Spring came very early and very quickly in the Northeast. Nature revealed herself and now we are driven by a need to create. Those of us who are lucky enough to be woodworkers are fortunate. When we hold a piece of wood, we take something beautiful, study it, and turn it into a new creation, based on the gift Nature gives us. When we stain wood, we take the beauty that Nature has provided and enhance the grain, highlight the beautiful patterns and enhance or change the color.

Introducing Two Great New Choices in Waterbase Stains

AquaTone Waterbase Wood Stains

The natural capillary action of AquaTone Wood Stains penetrates the wood grain deeper and more evenly than oil based stains. AquaTone stains are made using the newest nanotechnology. Nanotechnology reduces materials from a macro scale to a nano scale. Materials reduced to a nano scale behave differently in their new form, allowing new applications. The dyes in AquaTone stains can now penetrate deeper, while the pigments, which provide surface color, are more vibrant. AquaTone Wood Stains can be applied by brushing, wiping, spraying or dipping. They can be wiped or left to dry as is. AquaTone Wood Stains are Ready to Spray (RTS), which makes them highly suitable for large scale projects.

Aqua Coat Gel Stains

Aqua Coat Gel Stains are formulated for indoor use. recommends new Aqua Coat Gel Stain for smaller projects such as turnings and scroll saw designs. They work well on any wood and on MDF, particle-board and even synthetic wood furniture for touch up. For more protection a top-coat can be applied or even easier, Aqua Coat Gel Stain Clear can be used as the top coat. It is safe to use on children’s toys and furniture. Aqua Coat Gel Stains dry fast and can be sanded and re-coated in 15 to 30 minutes. recommends sanding with Micro-Mesh to create a smooth as glass finish. Aqua Coat Gel Stain is available in 8 Wood Tone colors, plus clear.

Finishing by Flexner: Stains in Depth

We use the term “stain” to identify a colorant we apply to wood to change its color. But all stains are not equal. Besides the obvious differences in color, there are at least seven categories of commercial stains that each apply and color differently. If you really want to have control over staining, you need to understand the differences and how to identify and choose each type.

Applying Stains – Choose Your Method

The woodworker controls the stain by choosing the color, the application, and the timing. Always test on a piece of scrap wood to make sure the color is correct. Many woodworkers make sample boards, with different colors of stain and several applications of topcoat, and keep the results for future reference. Just as building the piece is a product of the individual’s creativity, staining and finishing to enhance the beauty of the wood adds a special satisfaction to your efforts.

Thinking Big – Spray Your Stain

Spraying stains with an HVLP spray system is especially advantageous when you are staining large projects. Spraying stain with an Apollo HVLP system or Apollo Spray Gun is the easy way to keep an even and consistent appearance. First you can set the spray pattern to the exact size you need, thereby not wasting the stain. Then the amount of product that goes on the piece is controlled by the speed of application and the fluid flow volume. The woodworker can decide whether to wipe the stain or not depending on intensity of color desired. Again it is a good idea to experiment on a scrap board before spraying the project. Applying a topcoat to the scrap wood will also affect the final look, so follow through on the test board and apply a finish to view the finished results. Using an Apollo Sprayer allows the woodworker to tone and shade. The spray pattern controls exactly where the stain goes. For example, you might want to shade around the edges of a raised panel. Simply go to the round pattern on the Apollo Spray Gun, choose the size of the circle, and spray around the edges.

Why Buy the Best Brush?

At we knew that natural brushes swell up when they are used for waterborne products so it is most important that finishers use a synthetic brush. Our search for the best synthetic brush led to Nour AquaGlide brushes, which are ideal for staining and painting with waterbase products. The finisher’s goal is to create a smooth surface with a uniform amount of coating. AquaGlide brushes are made with Tynex® nylon. Tynex®, another product of nanotechnology, is a remarkable bristle that is used in toothbrushes, cosmetic brushes and even musical instrument strings. It doesn’t break down from solvents and it is resistant to bacteria, insects and rodents. Most important, the brush has a built in memory and will go back to its original shape after it is used and cleaned. In addition AquaGlide flags the uniform tips of the bristles. That means that the bristles have split ends, giving the bristles additional surface to pick up the coating and minimize streaking. Each AquaGlide brush is individually handmade with real wood handles. They are available in straight or angular sashes.

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

The Painter’s Pyramid Turntable is one of those things that make you say: “why didn’t I think of that?” It’s simply 12 Painter’s Pyramids mounted on a turntable. The Pyramids are adjustable on the turntable and will hold up to 100 pounds. Set your finishing project on the pyramids, the piece is elevated, and you have access to the whole piece. Because the finisher has access to the whole piece, the work can generally be finished in one session, resulting in consistency. Plus, your finish won’t be marred by your having to move the piece around to gain access to all surfaces. In yet another brilliant use of nanotechnology, the pyramids are made of a high-density polymer, which keeps the stain or finish from adhering to it. Painter’s Pyramids minimizes the touch points on the project. Once the coating has been applied, just leave the project on the Painter’s Pyramid Turntable to dry. How cool is that?