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When to Clean Your Spray Gun

Jul 7, 2016 | Expert's Corner | 0 comments

Here’s a frequently asked question. Do you really need to clean your spray gun every  single time you use it? Do you  need to clean it when you go to lunch? What if you are  putting it away for a week? Which coatings mean clean “right  away?” Here’s the scoop:  always clean your gun immediately if you are spraying a quick set up coating such as a  two  part urethane or epoxy paint.

Clean it even if you are going to lunch. If you are  using a pigmented coating and are  finished with that color, clean the spray gun. If you  are going from a water based coating to a solvent based, or the  other way round, clean  the spray gun. Other coatings can wait until you are finished for the day. Some finishers  keep  2 or more spray guns and dedicate each one to a particular coating, such as water based or solvent, pigmented or  clear, 2 part or simple.

 Bill Boxer: This week I am going to go over all my spray guns to  make  sure everything is in order. Here’s what I do:

Here’s how I prepare my spray guns on a regular basis:

  • First, I test the spray guns for pattern accuracy to make sure the spray pattern is even from top to bottom.
  • If it is heavier on one side or another, I rotate the air cap. If the problem moves to the opposite side, the first thing I do is thoroughly clean the air cap with spray gun cleaner and my cleaning kit brushes. Generally the problem is solved.
  • If the problem persists, I look at the nozzle and needle assembly. Again, I clean with my spray gun cleaner and brushes.  If that’s not the solution, it’s time to replace the nozzle and needle.
  • Next, I lubricate all the threads with Spray Gun Lubricant.
  • I check the gaskets and replace if necessary. Then my spray gun is good to go.
  • At this time I also make sure I have a supply of cup gaskets, and non return valves.

Nothing is as frustrating as being shut down for such a simple problems.