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TIP: Brush Efficiently

Jul 7, 2016 | Expert's Corner | 0 comments

When brushing a finish onto a large horizontal surface such as a tabletop, it’s most efficient to lift a brush load of the finish (the bristles dipped about halfway into the finish) out of the container and plop it down at the center of the area you want to brush. Then stretch out that puddle of finish from end to end working in the direction of the grain.

Work fast without dragging the brush over the edge at each end, which would result in runs down the side. You can accomplish this by using airplane-like landings just in from each edge as you brush back and forth.

When you have lined up the brush strokes end to end at least one brush width wide, plop down another brush load about an inch from the previous strokes and stretch it out end to end while working it back into the existing finish. Continue with this procedure until you have covered the surface all the way across.

To avoid drips where you don’t want them, hold the container of finish in your other hand near where you deposit the brush load of finish.