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Industrial Atomizing Set

Apollo's Industrial atomizing set is the perfect addition to the 7500/7700 spray guns for those professionals that want to heavy primers and industrial coatings including enamels and epoxy's.  This set comes with the 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm nozzles and needles (4).  The set also includes the "C" and "D" standard air caps.  The "C" air cap when paired with the 1.8mm-2.0mm nozzle and needle sizes is great for spraying heavy primers and epoxy.  The "D" air cap when paired with the 2.5mm nozzle and needle is perfect for spraying Gelcoat, Heavy Primers, Nitrate Dope, other specialized architectural coatings.   All needles and nozzles are made of stainless steel and all air caps are made of aluminium and anodized for easy identification and additional protection against solvents.  Order your industrial Atomizing set today!


  1. 4 nozzles
  2. 4 needles
  3. 2 caps


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