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Painter’s Pyramid, 36 pack

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Painter's Pyramid,  36-pack


The Painter’s Pyramid® is a durable and versatile tool that allows you to paint all sides of an object without sacrificing quality or waiting for the paint to dry.This saves you time and effort and is versatile enough for all of your painting and crafting needs.

Its rounded, non-stick point makes only minimal contact with the object being painted so touch-ups aren’t required and you can get to work finishing your project instead of waiting for the paint to dry. Wouldn’t you rather paint, flip, complete and clean up your project instead of paint, clean up, wait, paint, clean up again?

The Painter’s Pyramid® has received the coveted Handyman Club of America Member Tested and Recommended and Contractors Tested and Recommended seals of approval with a 97% recommendation rating.

  1. Efficient
  2. Superior Results
  3. Versatile
  • Complete shelves and other two-sided painting projects in one session
  • Easy to store (lightweight and stackable)
  • Less mess and cleanup
  • Minimal contact point requires no touch-up
  • Nonstick material is impermeable to paint and solvents
  • Rounded tip will not penetrate object being painted
  • Attaches easily to sawhorses and work tables
  • Works with all types of paints and stains
  • Holds up to 200lbs (the weight of a solid mahogany entrance door)

Applications and Specs:

The Painter’s Pyramid® is a three-sided pyramid. Each side measures approximately 2.5”. It is made of a specially formulated, lightweight plastic that provides superior strength and adhesion resistance. The versatility of the Painter’s Pyramid® makes it easy to use in multiple situations. The base provides a stable surface when placed upon a floor or workbench. The holes make it easy to attach the Painter’s Pyramid® to a sawhorse or other work surface. Many painters dramatically reduce project times by using the Painter’s Pyramid®. Popular uses for the Painter’s Pyramid® include painting a shelf, dresser, door, molding, crafts, canvas, and pottery but the versatility of the Painter’s Pyramid® is endless.


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