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Door Painting Brace System


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Stand Alone System and Accessory

This Brace System comes with 40 tough and durable engineered, plastic posts and 10 powder-coated steel harnesses.  Just screw the posts into the top and bottom of each full-sized door and you have the perfect solution for drying your doors and minimizing space!

This system does not include screws...

  • The Posts in this system are designed for #8 or #9 Flat Head Screws which are NOT INCLUDED.
  • We recommend high quality self-tapping screws such as GGRK #9 R4 Multi-Purpose Fasteners or SPAX #8 T-Star Plus Flat Head Multi-Purpose Fasteners. (screws of this quality can be reused many times)
  • Do Not use Pan Head style screws.
  • Do Not use DRY-WALL screws.

This Door Painting Brace System can be used in two ways:


  • The inverted piece on the post fits perfectly on our Erecta-Rack powder-coated bars.  This enables painting both sides of the door and horizontal drying without the door ever touching the bars.
  • You can paint and dry ten doors at once using our 10 Level Erecta-Rack Drying Rack Kit!
  • The perfect companion for your Erecta-Rack 10 Level Kit!


  • Endless Configurations are available by using this system vertically!
  • 10 Powder Coated 15 GA Steel Harnesses are included providing a locking "hinge system" for standing up your doors.
  • This system can be used to spray and dry your doors all in one set-up saving you time and space!
Erecta-Rack Kits and bars are all sold separately.


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