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Aqua Tone Waterbased Wood Stains


Brand:Aqua Coat

Aqua Tone Waterbased Wood Stains by Aqua Coat


AquaTone Wood Stains features:

  • Easy application by spraying, wiping, brushing or dipping.
  • Formulation for use with HVLP spray systems.
  • Finish solids and binders for added depth and color penetration.
  • Smooth even results with reduced blotching Fast drying for quick topcoating.
  • Easy intermixing to create custom colors
  • Easy re-application over topcoats for highlights or deepening of color
  • Easy topcoating with any and all types of finishes
  • Non-flamability, non-combustability, non-toxicity, low odor and water clean-up
  • Meets all environmental, OSHA, EPA and the new Green standards
  • Lead free and no harmful chemicals
  • Adds full rich beauty to your projects much like standard oil stains
  • Safety for use on children's furniture, toys and for contact with food items
  • Clear Stain base allows creation of lighter tones of all stain colors Stain Colors

Available: (clear is not shown) Download a PDF of the Stain Colors


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