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Understanding Wood Finishing (3rd Revision)

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Understanding Wood Finishing - How to Select and Apply the Right Finish By: Bob Flexner

Nicknamed the “Bible” of wood finishing, Understanding Wood Finishing is a best-selling, easy-to-understand resource that teaches readers everything they need to know, from preparing and staining wood to different types of wood finishes, coloring techniques, filling pores, removing finishes, and more. This newly updated edition features a collection of published articles written by Bob from the last few years.

Inside, you'll learn about:

  • Latest technical updates on materials and techniques - from spray guns to French polishing
  • More than 40 references tables for guides
  • 300+ photos to help demonstrate each practice
  • Updated information on strippers and solvents no longer considered safe
  • Finishing a project in a day or less
  • How to match colors and dating finishes
  • Finish with soap - a new chemical-free way to finish furniture and small items

The Authority on Finishing

Author Bob Flexner has been a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine for more than a decade, and is among the most respected experts on wood finishing and refinishing. He's taught countless finishing classes, served as editor of the trade magazine for professional refinishers, written for more than a dozen magazines and is author of the best-selling Understanding Wood Finishing, which revolutionized how the subject is taught. Bob got his start 30+ years ago, when he opened a one-man shop to build and restore furniture, and was unable to find accurate information on finishes. So he dove headlong into the study of finish technology and created the information himself. While he still restores and builds furniture, his primary focus is now on investigating all things finishing, from traditional techniques to modern methods and products.


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