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A New Product Brought to You by!

Bring greater precision and accuracy to your coatings with this helpful gauge. Finishers that use the Wet Mil Gauge while finishing their project can ensure that they have consistent, level and even layers throughout the application of their coating.

Different coatings perform best when applied at different thicknesses. Coatings manufacturers often recommend a particular wet film thickness to give the best results with a particular coating. The Mil Gauge also allows the finisher to be consistent as the same coatings thickness can be applied to all the components of the job.

Don't ruin a great project by unknowingly applying an uneven finish! Made out of sturdy aluminum, you can garantee that this Mil Gauge will last!

Expert woodworker Bill Perry regards this as an essential tool:

"What’s the best thing about the Wet Mil Gauge? It only costs about three bucks. How can you lose? And while the gauge may look about as impressive as a plastic drill gauge giveaway from a tool show, it’s really a precision instrument and should be treated like one. Fortunately, about all that means is wiping it clean after use and protecting it from bangs and knocks so the one mil difference from one tooth to the next stays accurate." He has plenty more advice and information about the Wet Mil Gauge here.


Press the gauge into your coating while wet. The true film thickness lies between the tooth that has some application on it and the tooth that does not.


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