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If You’re a Turbinaire Owner, Can Help You is proud to assist Turbinaire customers who are having trouble finding replacement parts and accessories. Here’s the good news: TrueHVLP™ spray guns, hoses and other selected accessories, built to meet Apollo’s exacting standards, also fit Turbinaire systems.

Order from a Range of Turbinaire-Compatible Products.

This will enable you to prolong the useful life of your Turbinaire turbine. All Apollo Turbine Spray Guns are suitable for either Turbinaire or Apollo Sprayers turbine systems and feature excellent design and quality engineering making them perfect for hard work and long life.

  • Click here and take your pick from any Apollo Spray Gun.
  • Click here for Turbinaire Compatible Parts and Accessories.

Or Trade In Your Turbinaire and Trade Up to a New Apollo System

  • Send in Your Turbinaire Turbine, Gun and Hose
  • Save $400 on a New Apollo Turbine System!

The Turbinaire turbine, gun and hose, doesn’t have to be working, but all three must be in the package you send, to qualify. The Turbinaire Turbine can be a 2 stage, a 3 stage, it doesn’t matter, just send it with the gun and hose and you’ll be eligible.

  • 835 - with 7500 QT Spray Gun - $1099.00 take off $400, You pay $699
  • 1035 - with 7500 QT Spray Gun - $1299, take off $400, You pay $899
  • 1050 – with 7500 QT Spray Gun - $1399, take off $400, You pay $999
  • 1050VR - with 7500 QT Spray Gun - $1599, take off $400, You pay $1199

Limited Time Offer, Act Now

How To Get Your $400 Discount:

  1. Make sure you have a Turbinaire Turbine, gun and hose before applying for the discount (no other brands will be accepted and all three parts must be contained to qualify).
  2. Either email or call 1-888-900-4857 ext. 7015 and ask for John.
  3. We will will take your credit card details and give you a code number (RMA number) for display on the outside of your package (no packages accepted without an RMA number).