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Super-Spray® 8400 Series

The 8400 Series Super-Spray® Guns Provide Unmatched Comfort with Lightweight Design

Good things come in small packages. The Apollo 8400 Super-Spray® gun is a full featured compact HVLP production spray gun offering a wide range of options. It is designed in the unique Apollo Tri-Mode™ configuration allowing the spray gun to be used with either a standard bottom style cup, a gravity cup or as a fluid feed production spray gun. Use the 8400 for any task from touch-up to light production. It’s feather-light weight reduces operator fatigue resulting in less finishing errors.

  • Compact lightweight design reduces operator fatigue
  • Stainless steel fluid components
  • Durable and reliable
  • Enjoy low overspray and a flawless finish
  • Increase substrate visibility with Tri-Mode™ Gravity Feed
  • 2-Year written warranty

Tri-Mode™ = A unique design
allowing you to use one spray gun
with 3 different cup configurations:
production, gravity, or any bottom cup.

Nozzle/Needle sizes available: 1.0mm (installed), 1.3mm 1.5mm

Air Caps available: 1.0mm (installed), 1.3mm 1.5mm

Spray Gun Air Requirements: 7-30psi and 3-6cfm