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SafeCoat Acrylacq - Gal.

SafeCoat Acrylacq - Gal.


SafeCoat Acrylacq - Gal.


A waterbased finish that:

  • performs like lacquer without the toxicity
  • produces the highest waterbase luster
  • is hard, rugged and mar resistant
  • is safely used by and for the chemically sensitive
  • Doctor Recommended
  • reduces indoor air pollution and seals offgassing
  • provides extremely LOW, SAFE VOC’S

The Story is constantly searching for products to make your finishing projects faster, easier and safer. We are pleased to add Safecoat® finishes to our line of Perfect Finish Products™

In the quest for The Perfect Finish, we are always asked for a waterbase finish that performs and looks like lacquer. In the past we have come close and have had some excellent waterbase products. When we tested Acrylacq by Safecoat® we knew we had found an exceptional performer. When applied it atomized and sprayed beautifully. It dried quickly and we were amazed at the highest gloss sheen we had ever seen in a waterbase finish.

Further research revealed additional features that made this product even more attractive. We discovered the differences in VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Some are safe and some not so safe. As the name implies, Safecoat finishes utilize safe VOC’s, reduce or eliminate outgassing of dangerous chemicals and therefore is safely used by and for people who are chemically sensitive. This product is so good it is “Doctor Recommended” as stated on the can. would like to encourage you to try this exceptional waterbase product to enjoy the same results that we did.

Acrylacq is currently produced in Gloss and Satin. It is available in Quarts, Gallons and 5 gallon pails. If you are interested in 5 gallon pails please call us to order 1-888-900-4857.

Please Note: if you are trying to achieve a satin finish as your final finish. The manufacturer recommends that you do this with 3 total coats of Acrylacq, the first two should be done with gloss to avoid getting a cloudy finish.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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