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FS1650  Bloxygen Preserver

FS1650 Bloxygen Preserver


Bloxygen Preserver


How Much Have You Thrown Away?

How many times have you seen leftover paint, stain, or varnish skin over, thicken, or solidify? How much times have you spent peeling or filtering? How many projects were ruined during finishing because of particle contamination or chemistry changes? For years we have all struggled with this there is a solution, a powerful natural chemical preservative that's safe and easy to use.

A Real Solution!

It's called BLOXYGEN (blocks-a-jen), short for "blocks oxygen." Using powerful but safe gas, BLOXYGEN will allow you to store leftover finishes as long as you want. BLOXYGEN works by keeping air and moisture away from products that react with our environment: varnish, stain, paint, polyurethane, glues, inks, etc. Anything harmed in the presence of oxygen or moisture will be saved when stored with BLOXYGEN.

Does it Work?

BLOXYGEN uses an ultra pure gas, collected from our air. While safe and natural, it is also extremely powerful as a preservatives. Wood magazine gave it five stars for performance, five stars for value and their editor's choice award!

Top Reasons for Using Bloxygen

  1. BLOXYGEN saves time, money, and waste.
  2. BLOXYGEN will let you use all your finish, not just the first half.
  3. BLOXYGEN is safe to the environment and based on naturally occurring gases we all breathe.
  4. BLOXYGEN has been independently tested and proven effective. We have a patent pending!
  5. BLOXYGEN eliminates spray gun clogs and jams.
  6. BLOXYGEN will reduce hazardous waste.
  7. BLOXYGEN will allow you to store leftovers safely in their original, labeled containers.
  8. BLOXYGEN allows you to save even more money by purchasing product in large quantity.
  9. BLOXYGEN works on varnish, polyurethanes, oil-based paints, stains, resins, glues, wood fillers, inks, and putty...almost anything that reacts with oxygen or moisture will be saved.
  10. BLOXYGEN only costs about 17 cents per use!
  11. One can is enough to protect approximately 75 quarts of coating material

Why not try a can and see how much you save on coating materials!

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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