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Cold Cracking

Jul 6, 2016 | Expert's Corner | 0 comments

In the photo above we definitely see a very severe case. This is a pour on epoxy finish over copper. While finishing over copper is a separate challenge unto itself, the extreme cracking of the finish was due to being subjected to freezing temperatures and can happen with any finish. In this case the table was transported from Florida to Maryland in January and the table sat on a truck for several days.I would be the first to agree the copper (metal) was a contributing factor as the copper contracting due to the cold didn’t help things out at all.

I have however seen this several times before.A finish, if left in extreme cold, can and will crack. I have also observed that heavier film finishes are more subject to cracking. In all the cases I have seen , it occurred via a move from a warm climate to a cold one and the finishes were subjected to a rapid temperature change due to transport.

In the case of the copper table, the owners assumed it had been dropped, but there is no evidence of that, it simply froze and cracked, again the copper had a lot to do with it because the epoxy is simply lifting off which means that the adhesion was totally lost.
Be aware that it can happen. I have also see furniture stored in very cold conditions with no effect, thus it really seems to be the rapid change in temperature is a major contributor. If you are moving, be aware.

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