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Expert's Corner — topcoat

TIP: Disguising Glue Seepage and Wood-putty Splotches

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Glue seepage, or glue on your fingers that’s transferred to the wood, blocks stain penetration. This usually results in a lighter area. The same can happen with wood putty because it doesn’t accept color the same as wood does. In both cases, you have a lighter area or spot that you want to color in to match the surrounding wood. Here’s how to do it. As shown in the accompanying picture, the better method is usually to first seal the wood, then paint in the grain. Connect the grain lines on either side of the lighter area. When this has...

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Here's the Woodworkers List of Vocabulary Words, with definitions.

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As with any technical field, understanding the terminology of finishing is critical. It’s also critical that we all mean the same thing with the terms we use. With that in mind, here are some of the most common finishing terms, in alphabetical order, and their definitions. Bleach is a chemical that removes stains and, sometimes, the natural color from wood. The three types of bleach are chlorine (sodium hypochlorite), which removes dye color without changing the color of the wood; oxalic acid, which removes rust marks and lye stains without changing the color of the wood; and two-part bleach (sodium hydroxide...

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