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Expert's Corner — scraping

Solving a Sticky Problem: Tools and Tricks to Deal with Glue Squeezeout

finishing sanding scraping squeezeout stage surrounding the finishing store wood woodfinishing woodwork woodworking

If you’ve never had the experience of applying the first coat of finish to a project and having some of the finish fail to “take” because glue has sealed the wood grain underneath, go read something else.  What follows is intended for the vast majority of woodworkers who have encountered this problem. Most often this glue is leftover “squeezeout” (glue squeezed out of joints when they were clamped during assembly).  Unless you’re Norm Abrams (who never has squeezeout, but he never has dust in his shop either; doubtless the result of some Faustian bargain), squeezeout is an inevitable consequence of...

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