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Expert's Corner — finisher

TIP: Silicone and Spray Guns

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It’s widely believed among finishers, especially refinishers, that once you add a fish-eye eliminator to a finish and spray it, your spray gun is forever contaminated. You can’t ever get the fish-eye eliminator, which is silicone, completely removed, and little bits of it will continue to break lose and cause fish-eye problems. This is not correct and shows a misunderstanding of what silicone actually is. It’s simply oil with a very low surface tension. Silicone is noticeably slicker than mineral oil, for example. Rub a drop of whatever brand of fish-eye eliminator you use between your thumb and finger and...

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TIP: Gun Stock Finish

bob dull finish finisher flexner gun oil refinish resistant rubbing varnish wood

The most popular homeowner gunstock finish is probably Tru-Oil. You can get it at almost every store that sells guns. Tru-Oil is polymerized linseed oil. It is linseed oil that has been cooked at high temperatures in an oxygen-free environment (inert gases) until it just begins to gel, then rapidly cooled. The cooking causes the carbon atoms to begin crosslinking. So when the finish is later exposed to oxygen in the air during the finishing process, the finish cures very rapidly. After the cooking the oil is very thick so the manufacturer adds mineral spirits to make the finish easier...

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