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Expert's Corner — disposal

Avoiding Lint

bob disposal flexner lint the finishing store woodworkers

It’s important to use lint-free rags when wiping on and wiping off oil and wiping-varnish finishes. If a rag contains any lint, it will hang up on wood grain and stick in the finish. Many stores and mail-order catalogues carry lint-free cloth. You can also use old rags from around the house, but T-shirt-type material is seldom lint free. I often use durable paper towels from home centers or auto-supply stores. These paper towels come in boxes or rolls and are white or blue in color. As long as I change to a fresh towel once in a while on...

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Oily Rag Disposal

bob disposal flexner oily rag the finishing store woodworkers

Oily rags, used to apply oil or oil/varnish blend finishes, may be the most dangerous item you have in your shop because they can spontaneously combust and burn down your shop or house if left in a pile or thrown wet into a trashcan. The easiest way to deal with these rags if you work alone is to hang them over the edge of a trashcan or tabletop, or spread them out on the floor. Don’t pile them one on top of another. They must be exposed to air on both sides so they can dry out safely. If you...

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