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Apollo Sprayers Gives an Award and I Get to Be a Judge

Jun 30, 2016 | Expert's Corner | 0 comments

Every year Apollo Sprayers, International, Inc., offers a gift certificate to the three winners in the Excellence in Finishing Division of the Design in Wood Exposition at the San Diego County Fair. I am honored to be asked to judge the extraordinary entries submitted. Submissions are made by professionals, custom woodworkers and amateurs. Projects can be sold at the Fair or “not for sale.”

This year judging was as difficult as can be. Although I am judging finishing, other aspects of the piece naturally come into play. I do have some guidelines as follows:

  • Do I like the look of the piece?
  • Is the piece well constructed?
  • Are the details, such as joints well done or do they detract from the quality?
  • If there are drawers, do they work well?
And the finish:
  • Is the sanding well done, or are there marks?
  • Is the piece sanded to an appropriate level?
  • Is the coating appropriate to the piece?
  • Are there unseen places left unfinished?
  • This year’s first place winner is Pam Goldman. She made this beautiful media center.

Pam’s inspiration was the Danish Modern furniture made by James Krenov. Pam works at Woodworker West Magazine and has attended the Fair for 15 years. She has been constantly exposed to the work of wonderful creative woodworkers through the magazine and the Fair. Ten years ago Pam decided that she was going to create a piece to enter and she started taking classes to use tools correctly. Just as it has happened with so many of us, her woodworking obsession took hold. Now Pam would rather be in her shop than anywhere else in the world. Pam’s media center took 9 months to create. It is finished with oil, but now she will start experiencing spray finishing with her prize: a new Apollo ECO-3 with the E5011 gun.

Pam feels humbled and thrilled to be the winner. Her beautiful media center will take center stage in her home.

Second prize went to Hugh Elliot for his magical Wizard’s Wedding Chest.

The Third Prize went to Bob Manrual for his unique and inventive lamp, The King.